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Express IPO Looks Good for a Bounce

Express IPO Looks Good for a Bounce

Express Inc. (EXPR)The last few weeks have been difficult for many retail stocks – and particularly challenging for investors in the recent IPO of Express Inc. (EXPR).  After being offered to the public at $17.00 per share, the stock has lost about 15% of its value and hit a new low in light trading this morning.  Express is a specialty apparel chain with 573 retail locations spread across the United States.  Originally a part of Limited Brands (LTD), the majority of the company was purchased by Golden Gate Private Equity Inc. in 2007.  The IPO is the first step for the private equity company to cash in on its 3-year investment.

The IPO was managed by Merrill Lynch / Bank of America (BAC) and Goldman Sachs (GS). With such a diverse retail and institutional platform, one would have expected the shares to be placed in the hands of long-term investors and priced at a discount to allow for an initial increase in the share price.  But the environment for retail stocks has been extremely difficult and institutional investors have been offloading risk at a steady pace this month.  At this point it seems that the selling shareholders got the better end of the deal – liquidating part of their position at $17.00 per share.


According to the terms of the prospectus, there were roughly 16 million shares sold to the public of which 10.5 million were primary (sold by the company to raise  capital) and 5.5 million were sold by private shareholders.  However, when looking more carefully at the deal, this statistic is a little misleading…

Express essentially DID receive $170 million in proceeds from the deal which it used to reduce outstanding debt.  However, it should be noted that the outstanding debt is actually owed to several subsidiaries of the private equity firm that purchased the brand in 2007.  So after passing briefly through Express’s balance sheet, the funds will then be distributed to the selling shareholders in the form of a debt repayment.  Express will be left with $368 million in long-term debt and roughly $67 million in cash.  The pro-forma balance sheet has stockholders equity at $89 million – which implies a 413% debt to equity ratio – not exactly a solid balance sheet.


But despite the shaky circumstances with which this stock began its publicly traded days, I expect EXPR to find a floor near $14 and begin to trade higher.  One of the primary reasons is because only a small portion of the stock was actually liquidated in the IPO transaction.  Sixteen million shares were sold to the public, but the number of shares outstanding is closer to 89 million.   That means Limited Brands and Golden Gate Private Equity still hold the majority of the stock and will see the market value of their investment rise and fall with the fortunes of the stock.

Once a private equity firm has begun to liquidate its position, they usually don’t wait too long to follow up by selling the remaining shares.  With the negative reaction to EXPR’s stock there is even more of an incentive for the company to find a “graceful” way of exiting this position.  So it may sound counter intuitive, but one of the best ways for Golden Gate to liquidate the rest of its position is for the company to step in and support the price of EXPR – and if they are going to take this action they need to act quickly!


Supporting the stock at this time when the market is attempting to rebound will be key.  If EXPR begins to trade back towards the $17.00 IPO price and holds a stable pattern, then Golden Gate stands a better chance of selling its remaining shares in a secondary offering.  But if the stock is allowed to fall from here, there will likely be no market for quite some time.  So the stakes are high and the amount of capital at risk is not trivial.

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It may be a little too cute on the trading side, but with retail names showing some relative strength over the past few days, I expect EXPR to be good for a trade higher.  The potential return is somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% to 12%.  But this can be painted against a relatively low-risk backdrop.  If I were to enter the trade later this week, I would place a stop just below $14.75 or so – exiting the trade if the rebound in EXPR doesn’t take place immediately.  Setting up a short-term trade in an improving market with capped risk is one of the better ways to play a short-term rebound and I think the general negative sentiment in the retail area could be temporarily lifted as the illusion of financial stability comes back into this market.

Express Inc. (EXPR)

FD: Author does not have a position in any stocks mentioned in this article.

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Solar Selloff Close To Exhaustion?

Solar Selloff Close To Exhaustion?

Trina Solar Ltd. (TSL)A lot has happened since May 4th when I penned a negative article on First Solar Inc. (FSLR).  My expectation was that the crisis in the Euro-Zone would have a material effect on stimulus for solar projects, which in turn would hurt the solar stocks which are so dependent on these subsidies.  Since that time, FSLR has dropped from $143.72 to near $106 today, and many other stocks in the sector are down substantially more.

The concerns in the solar industry are certainly valid.  Europe has been one of the primary champions of alternative energy and Germany & Spain have been especially beneficial with their generous programs to help defray costs for installing environmentally friendly energy sources.  Without these stimulus programs, the demand for solar products could be significantly cut – and with excess capacity in the industry pricing may continue to suffer…

But how far is too far?  The Claymore Global Solar Index (TAN) pictured below is off 43% from its 2010 high and many individual stocks have experienced much wider losses.  Investors in the sector appear panicked and willing to sell at any price regardless of the fundamental value of the individual companies.

TAN Chart 2010-05-19

This type of environment can create attractive opportunities for the scrupulous and patient investor.  While the trend is negative and selling  could continue, several stocks are entering a range where it makes sense to allocate a small amount of long-term capital with the possibility of realizing very large returns when the sector rebounds.

Trina Solar Ltd. (TSL) is off more than 40% in just the last three weeks.  At $15 per share, the company looks like a good risk considering earnings are expected at $2.12 for this year and $2.35 for 2011.  Even if these earnings levels were cut in half, the stock would still have a low multiple relative to it’s long-term growth prospects.

In the fourth quarter, the company shipped 163.7 MW of solar product and saw its revenue increase to $313 million (over $216 million in the fourth quarter 2008). Gross margins increased to 32.6% which is impressive given the fact that average sales prices per watt dropped from $3.61 in the fourth quarter of 2008 to $1.90 in Q4 2009.

Debt levels are under control with total debt of $585 million and cash on hand of $478 million.  In 2010, the company expects Germany and Italy to make up less than half of total sales which is an improvement from past years.  However, the dependence on these two countries certainly does pose a risk to investors which is why the stock is so cheap today.

The company will announce first quarter earnings on May 25 before the market opens.  Investors will be listening carefully to understand what trends are in play and what feedback management is getting from customers.  The stock is currently in a place where even bad news could easily spark a rally.  Investors are expecting the worst and so something at or slightly better than “the worst” could quickly drive share prices higher.

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Long-term, the entire solar industry could benefit from the wake of BP’s giant oil spill.  Environmental concerns will likely drive tighter regulations for fossil fuels, and generate more demand for alternative means such as solar energy.  Short-term concerns are weighing down the market, but in the long run we could easily look back on the summer of 2010 as an excellent buying point for solar stocks.

Trina Solar Ltd. (TSL)

FD: Author does not have a position in any stocks mentioned in this article.

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Priceline Travel Hits Turbulence

Priceline Travel Hits Turbulence Inc. (PCLN)Shares of Inc. (PCLN) are off sharply in early trading after the company announced earnings for the first quarter.  On the surface, the numbers were strong.  Revenue for the first quarter eclipsed a half-billion coming in at $584.4 million.  This is a 26.5% increase over revenue for the first quarter of 2009.  Earnings were even more impressive with EPS at $1.70, good for a 56% increase.  The earnings figure beat consensus estimates by 4 cents, but the revenue came in about 2% below expectations.

While the historical numbers should be viewed positively (although analysts have become accustomed to the company actually beating expectations), the forward guidance was concerning.  Management is guiding investors to expect earnings between $2.50 and $2.70 for the second quarter.  This is an important quarter for the company given travelers tendency to book summer vacation trips.  Revenue is expected to increase 18% to 23% which is significantly below the 25.8% average expectation.

Guidance for the second quarter still reflects growth for the company, but challenges are certainly pressuring that growth:

Jeffery H. Boyd, CEO, Inc. (PCLN)The Iceland volcano caused widespread disruptions in air travel which resulted in a significant increase in hotel room cancellations for our business. Civil unrest in Thailand has substantially impacted hotel room reservations in Thailand, which is a key market for Agoda and’s Asia business. Lastly, sovereign debt concerns in Europe have resulted in a significant decline in the value of the Euro as compared to the U.S. dollar which adversely impacts our financial results as expressed in U.S. dollars. ~Jeffery H. Boyd, CEO

Priceline’s stock price has been extremely volatile over the last week.  This is in stark contrast to the sustained positive move which investors have enjoyed for well over a year.  After setting a low near $45 in December of 2008, the stock has rallied more than 500% to its recent high above $270.  And despite the sharp increase, the earnings multiple is not overwhelmingly expensive at this time.

Using the forward consensus earnings expectations of $11.21 for this year (which will likely be reduced after the earnings report), the stock is trading at just 18 times forward earnings.  But while that number may appear reasonable, I expect these expectations to be reset lower and potentially continue to be adjusted as we move through the year.

Debt issues in Europe are almost certain to continue to be a problem.  Yesterday (Monday) the Euro made very little progress against the dollar despite the fact that a $1 trillion dollar bailout package was put into play.  If the Euro can’t rally on this type of stimulus, then it is difficult to see what would pull it out of its decline anytime soon.

Currency Shares Euro Trust (FXE)

On top of that, the global consumer’s confidence may quickly be shaken as we deal with sharp volatility in the market again.  For over a year, a rising stock market (both domestically and abroad) has led to consumer confidence, and in turn has helped to propel consumer spending on many luxuries including travel.  Businesses have become more active travelers too as liquidity and corporate spending has become relaxed.

But if those trends are reversed, PCLN could be very vulnerable to a sharp decline.  If earnings for this year turn out to be 10% above 2009 and 2011 experiences the same type of growth, the market could easily use a lower multiple in the neighborhood of 12 which would yield a stock price closer to $112.  And if earnings actually decline in 2010 or 2011 the stock could fall much farther.

At this point it appears that the risks in owning PCLN far outweigh the possible returns.  While shorting outright at this juncture may be difficult (given intense volatility) active traders could consider selling out of the money calls (and possibly puts too) to capture volatility premiums.  Before engaging in this type of trade, make sure you understand the risks of selling options and have a plan in place to offset your losses if the stock moves against you.

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If PCLN rallies back towards the 50 day average, aggressive traders could take a shot at shorting the stock with a tight stop.  The environment is changing for this successful travel business and I expect more weakness in the coming quarters.  As an alternative, investors could also consider shorting International (CTRP) which could be under pressure both from weakening travel as well as less robust growth in the Chinese economy. Inc. (PCLN)

FD: Author does not have a position in PCLN

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First Solar Faces European Stimulus Concerns

First Solar Faces European Stimulus Concerns

First Solar, Inc. (FSLR)Shares of First Solar Inc. are off more than 4.5% today as the broad market takes on water and growth investors are punished.  The stock has had a very strong run over the past few months, rising 50% from the low set on February 25th.  The company recently announced earnings of $2.00 per share for the first quarter on revenue of $568 million.  Revenue was up 36% which impressed analysts and management increased guidance for the full year due to strong European demand for its cells.

Newsletter AdHowever, despite the positive outlook and strong execution, I’m concerned that  FSLR could find itself in a trading range – or worse, in a negative trend as investors shy away from growth companies which rely on European customers.

With the financial world’s attention focused on the problems in Greece, and the growing concern that contagion could quickly spread to Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal, European commerce could quickly come under pressure.  Germany has been one of the few stalwarts of strength, but even the fiscally conservative country could find itself with serious losses as the government is faced with the task of bailing its neighbors out.

To be sure, the crisis in Europe is nowhere near contained, and it is difficult to handicap the potential danger, and the ways that mounting sovereign debt could affect the broad global economy.

Germany has had one of the most liberal solar stimulus programs, encouraging the use of alternative energy and helping to boost the profits of solar companies that operate across Europe.  My understanding is that stimulus programs were already in the process of being wound down before the crisis truly became big news in Europe.  Now that Germany is more likely to be on the hook for a huge bailout, the stimulus programs are even more likely to be curbed – which could have a material effect on sales levels for solar manufacturers across the board.

As you can see in the chart below, Germany makes up a significant amount of projected demand for solar energy

Solar Demand By Country

First Solar is not particularly expensive given its strong profits and past record of growth.  But at 22 times current estimates for 2010 earnings, investors are pricing in robust growth which may be much more of a challenge as the European crisis evolves.  On top of that, FSLR appears to be on the acquisition trail as it announced a purchase of NextLight Renewable Power and could make additional purchases with its leveraged balance sheet.

There are a few positive issues that could help support the price of FSLR.  For starters, the company has little debt which will likely give the firm a competitive advantage if we enter another difficult period for solar.  In this case, acquisitions might be a strong benefit to the long-term value of the company as cash-starved competitors could sell out for attractive discounts as they would be unable to remain solvent under heavy debt loads.

Also, there is the BP oil spill which may add to pressure for more “safe” energy sources.  If oil drilling comes under tougher sanctions, we may see higher demand for solar energy as a result.  Such a move would benefit the entire industry and with FSLR as one of the leaders, it could receive higher levels of new orders.

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But today, it appears the safest bet on FSLR is for a lower price.  Speculation is being punished and the solar industry is certainly one with high risks and cloudy visibility.  Investors are likely to bail out of these growth positions until the environment becomes clearer and until that happens FSLR shares could easily lose a third of their value to trade back down to the lows from February.

First Solar Inc. (FSLR)

FD: Author does not have a position in FSLR

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Harsh Winds Blow for Solarwinds

Harsh Winds Blow for Solarwinds

SolarWinds Inc. (SWI)Shares of Solarwinds Inc. (SWI) are off sharply today after the company announced first quarter earnings.  While the headlines beat the published consensus expectations, the devil was in the details.  As I write, the stock is off close to 15% as growth assumptions are being challenged, and speculative investors are getting punished.

Despite the “alternative energy” name, Solarwinds is actually a network company which seeks to identify and solve network performance issues.  The company has a broad client base – boasting 93,000 customers at the end of the first quarter and offers a wide assortment of solutions:

  • Network Monitoring
  • Newsletter AdConfiguration Management
  • Network Traffic Monitoring
  • App & Server Monitoring
  • IP Address Management
  • IP SLA Monitoring
  • Virtualization Monitoring
  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Network Mapping

I’m not a tech guy by any means, but I can tell you that investors were excited about this relatively new stock because of the broad number of services the company offers, and the potential to cross- sell these services to existing clients.  The idea is for the company to get their foot in the door by selling one service, and then quickly explain why the customer needs a full bundle of services to operate efficiently.

Up to this point, it looks like the company has been very effective in growing its revenue base.  The first quarter showed a revenue increase of 43% over the same quarter last year.  The business was nearly evenly split between license revenue and maintenance revenue.  The maintenance business is a bit more valuable to investors because this is largely recurring revenue with stability quarter after quarter.

But looking at management’s projections, it appears the growth rate is likely to contract considerably – which is a major concern for investors.  For the second quarter, management is guiding revenue of $36 to $37.8 million which is at best a 40% increase over the second quarter of 2009.  For the full year, revenue is expected to be $159-165 million.  This indicates that management is expecting a significant pickup in revenue for the third and fourth quarters in what is known as a “back end weighted” year.

Essentially, management is asking investors to take a “leap of faith” stating that revenues will be in the mid 30 million level for the first two quarters – and then the high 40 million range for the third and fourth quarter.  Unless there is a particular contract that management expects to land – and the timing is very specific, it would seem that the back-end weighted guidance is sketchy at best.

Despite the 15% drop in Tuesday trading, the stock still appears to be over-valued based on earnings expectations.  Management is guiding analysts to expect 72 to 75 cents per share this year which only represents an increase of 15%.  But at $20.50, the stock is trading at 27 times the high end of guidance.  This multiple might be reasonable for a stock in the middle of a strong growth period, but with heavy competition, disappointing growth projections, an extended and vulnerable market, and a technically broken stock chart; the risks seem to far outweigh the potential benefits of owning the stock.

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Shorting SWI today may be a bit premature.  With the market likely to at least stage a rebound attempt from the sharply negative trade today, I wouldn’t be surprised to see SWI consolidate or even trade back to the $22-23 range.  But with the technical breakdown we have seen today and the potential for more selling as managers become less confident in the recovery, the stock will remain on my short list and could potentially trade back down to the IPO price of $13.

SolarWinds Inc. (SWI)

FD: Author does not have a position in SWI

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2009-10-26 Tiffany Continues to Face Challenges – But Shareholders Continue to Buy (TIF)

2009-10-23 Carnival of Financial Planning

2009-10-21 First Cash Financial Reports Strong Earnings (FCFS)

2009-10-20 Strategic Acquisition Boosts EBIX (EBIX)

2009-10-15 E-House China to Launch New IPO (EJ, CRIC, SINA, GAME)

2009-10-13 China Restricts Online Game Industry (PWRD, SNDA, NTES)

2009-10-12 Blackstone to Capitalize on Market Liquidity (BX)

2009-10-07 Mortgage Crisis, Part Deux

2009-10-06 Commodities Run as Australia Raises Rates

2009-10-05 Macau IPO Funds Wynn’s Growth (WYNN)

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2009-08-20 Whole Foods Stock is as Pricy as its Wares (WFMI)

2009-08-20 Chart Industries Rides Natural Gas Trend (GTLS)

2009-08-19 Oil Inventory Report Fuels Market Rally (CHK, SPWRA, SOL)

2009-08-19 Starwood IPO Benefits Underwriters – Investors Take Losses (STWD)

2009-08-18 Rosetta Stone IPO Under Pressure (RST)

2009-08-18 Vegas Dodges A Bullet (LVS)

2009-08-17 Consumer Stocks to Struggle, Debt to Blame

2009-08-13 Retail Data Fails to Inspire

2009-08-12 Blue Nile Diamonds – All That Glitters Isn’t Gold (NILE)

2009-08-11 Genoptix Inc. (GXDX) Adding Physicians and Growing Revenue (GXDX)

2009-08-10 Chesapeake Cuts Deal With PXP – “Lump Sum Please…” (CHK, PXP)

2009-08-10 Neutral Tandem Offers Attractive Entry (TNDM)

2009-08-07 Emergent Posts Huge Gain – Anthrax Vaccine Extended (EBS)

2009-08-06 Blackstone Opportunities Propel Stock (BX)

2009-08-05 ISM Data Casts Doubts on Economic Recovery

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MaxLinear Off to a Positive Start

MaxLinear Off to a Positive Start

MaxLinear Inc. (MXL)Last week two telecom IPOs were offered to the market – each showing strong gains out of the gate.  The transactions were indicative of a healthy IPO market with plenty of liquidity, and while that can change in a heartbeat, for now the environment looks technically strong for these new issues.

Today, I want to take a closer look at MaxLinear Inc. (MXL) which was priced Wednesday at $14.00.  The book was jointly managed by Morgan Stanley (MS) and Deutsche Bank Securities (DB) in a deal which provided underwriting commissions of $6.3 million.  The stock was well accepted by investors who immediately sent the stock up 33% in its first day of trading to close at $18.70.  The positive traction is likely giving private equity companies such as The Blackstone Group (BX) additional confidence as they prepare additional offerings which could quickly hit the US exchanges.

Newsletter AdPart of the appeal for the MXL deal is that the majority of shares being sold to the public were primary shares.  This means that the proceeds went directly to the company which should be helpful in providing the financial ability to continue to generate growth.  According to the prospectus, MXL will use the cash for “working capital” and possibly for future acquisitions.  I would prefer to see a bit more information on how this capital could be put to work, but since the company has shown strong historical growth, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

MaxLinear is a “fabless semiconductor company” which designs chips that allow devices to better receive wireless television signals.  The majority of the company’s sales have been in Japan where it appears that MXL has a lock on the mobile handset market.  In the last four quarters, the company has seen sales increase by 49%, 13%, 107% and 96% (using year over year comparisons).

In addition to the handset market, MXL is increasing its product offering to include chips that enable devices to receive wireless signals for more traditional television viewing.  These products are anticipated to go in cable boxes, digital televisions, PC’s and notebooks.  While the handset market continues to provide stable cash-flow, these new markets are expected to drive the growth in future quarters.

When we say that MaxLinear is “fabless” it simply means that the company does not have its own manufacturing facilities.  This can be both a business strength as well as a liability.  During the financial crisis, many firms struggled under the weight of the debt used to build large manufacturing plants.  For several solar companies, the decision to expand manufacturing capacity at the wrong time turned out to be fatal.  So MaxLinear’s decision to outsource the manufacturing process gives the company better financial flexibility to be able to focus on research and development and growing other parts of its business.

But the flip-side of this coin is that if the economy improves to the point where it becomes difficult to negotiate contracts with outside manufacturers, MXL could see its costs rise exponentially.  The laws of supply and demand can easily come back to bite the firm if it is not accurate in its long-term projections of customer demand and its need for manufacturing capacity.

After staging a positive IPO transaction, MXL has largely been biding its time and trading within a relatively close range.  This week we will begin to see some patterns developing and from a trading perspective, it will be interesting to see what opportunities set up.  Due to the success of the IPO transaction, it appears demand is in control at this point and I would recommend trading from the long side initially.  A pullback closer to the IPO price would provide a welcome entry point and risk can be carefully managed by placing a stop slightly below the $14.00 IPO price.

On the other hand, if MXL were to break higher – crossing $19.50 – a higher-risk breakout setup might be in order.  The risk is higher in this type of trade because there is less of a defined floor that would be supported by the underwriting team.  When buying above $19.50, traders should look to use a stop where they would exit the position if MXL trades back into its current range.

Fundamentally, it is very difficult to set a fair valuation for the stock.  This is because MXL is just crossing the line where its revenue overcomes fixed expenses and the company is starting to show a positive profit.  There are many variables which could cause MXL to ramp up its profitability sharply over the next two years, or possibly cause it to over-extend and lose value for investors.

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So for today, it is important to determine who is trading this vehicle and what these traders are looking at.  Currently, MXL is being largely held by growth stock investors who currently appear willing to give the global economic rebound the benefit of the doubt.  As long as these investors continue to provide liquidity and are willing to pay speculative prices for future growth, MXL should stay in a positive trend.  But when the tide turns and growth investing falls out of favor, MXL will likely be hit with distribution – and at that time it might make sense for us to set up a short position.  The stock is dynamic – positive for now – and offers swing traders ample opportunity for profits.

MaxLinear Inc. (MXL)

FD: Author does not have a position in any stocks mentioned in this article.

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Four Stocks for the New Year (A 2009 Recap)

Four Stocks for the New Year (A 2009 Recap)

Note: This is a recap of performance for the stocks picked at the beginning of 2009.  Picks for 2010 will be posted January first.

To paraphrase a hedge fund manager that I follow closely, “Nothing has happened this year the way I expected it to.”  While this statement does little to instill confidence in this money manager, William posted returns north of 20% for the year in his long-short fund which remains fairly neutral as far as market exposure is concerned.  The point is that although 2009 was a year of major shifts in market direction, policy decisions, and investment risk; it was still possible to adjust trading style along the way to account for the changes and book significant profits.

My four picks for 2009 did not turn out to be very profitable despite a significant market rally from March through December.  Thankfully, portfolios managed for Sound Counsel Investment Advisers were able to trade actively throughout the year and performed much better than the 2009 recommendations.  As I choose growth opportunities for the portfolios I manage, I am careful to use stop points in order to exit losing trades, while letting winners continue to compound gains.  Often we use covered calls to manage some of the risk, and the advent of inverse ETFs has also been helpful in managing downside risks for entire markets as well as individual sectors.

So without further adieu, here is some commentary on the four picks for 2009.  Stay tuned for the 2010 picks which will be posted January 1.

  1. JA Solar Holdings (JASO)
    JA Solar Co. (JASO)While Alternative certainly received its fair share of headlines this year, the solar industry was plagued with rising inventory levels and falling prices for solar products.  On top of the supply dynamics, many countries which had implemented strong solar energy tax incentives had to pull back on the stimulus measures due to financial strain.  As a result, many solar companies experienced a difficult period and those with excessive leverage were especially hard hit.  At the time of writing, it looks like JASO will finish the year with a gain of 30.5% which is certainly healthy, but the majority of the gains came in the last few weeks of the year.  JASO could continue to post additional gains in the coming year, but there are still significant uncertainties surrounding the alternative energy market.
  2. AECOM Technology Corp (ACM)
    AECOM Technology Corp. (ACM)AECOM is an international construction management company which is expected to benefit from global stimulus projects aimed at improving infrastructure projects such as bridges, roads, power plants and other developments.  Since AECOM has a well diversified client base, it was expected that the company would grow earnings (which occurred quite nicely) and see its stock price rise as a result (which unfortunately did not occur).  Much of the stimulus spending took longer than expected to reach the market, and investors have placed a lower multiple (paying a smaller price for every dollar that the company earns).  The lower multiple is likely due to a perception that the company will not continue to grow quickly after the stimulus projects are completed.  At this point AECOM still looks like a great investment with little debt and a low earnings multiple, but it has taken longer than expected for the stock to bounce.  Currently it looks like ACM will finish 2009 with a loss of 1.2% – not a very healthy showing considering the strength of the market.
  3. TBS International (TBSI)
    TBS International (TBSI)At the end of 2008, it looked like shipping companies were primed for a significant rebound.  The financial crisis had sent many of the more leveraged players into the abyss, but companies with longer-term charters and reasonable debt levels were showing signs of improvement.  The wildcard in this industry was whether the day rates for dry bulk shipping would improve over the coming year.  Unfortunately, shipping has continued to be a challenging area for the economy, and since TBSI does not pay a dividend, it has been especially unattractive to investors.  The stock is down 27.2% for the year which is extremely disappointing.  Looking into the coming year, there is little evidence that this company will offer investors much hope of improving profits so I would not recommend an investment in this stock and have kept clients out of this name for some time.
  4. China Medical Technologies (CMED)
    China Medical Technologies (CMED)China Medical is another disappointing story as the stock is now down 30.2% for the year.  Midway through 2009, CMED had traded higher as the company’s rapid growth caught investor’s attention and the diagnostic company was expanding its base of customers.  However, a management change along with significant debt has caused investors to lose confidence.  At the current price, CMED is looking like a very solid value, but I am not invested right now because I want to know for sure that the business metrics are solid.  If management were to issue healthy guidance for the coming year (ending March 2011), I would consider working back into the stock, but for now it appears to hold excessive risk.

We have many risks and many opportunities in front of us as we enter this new decade.  Flexibility and damage control will be important skills to employ as the markets face the risk of inflation, mounting sovereign debt, and significant fluctuations in currency rates.  I would welcome the chance to help you develop a comprehensive plan for your investments in the coming year.  Please email me if you would like more information on Sound Counsel’s investment strategies.

Wishing you a happy New Year!

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Provident provides people with small, unsecured credit, when they need it.

Cash Loans Online

Borrow up to £500 if you are in England.

Invoice Factor Company

Hitachi Capital provides reputable and reliable invoice factoring for SMEs.

Use of Payday Loans “Robust” Across the Pond


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Bad Credit Loans