Sound Counsel Investment Advisors

Zach Scheidt is the Founder and Principal at Sound Counsel Investment Advisors.

The firm is an independant Registered Investment Advisory
which focuses on providing unbiased advice for your financial life.

As an independant firm, we do not have a corporate agenda or a particular line of products that we must push on clients.  Instead, we are free to search the market for the best investment products to fit your unique needs.   We avoid conflicts of interest and seek to disclose all information to allow you to make the right decisions for your future.

Our services include:

Retirement Planning: We can help you set up a plan that will prepare you to acquire, protect, and wisely spend your capital; in order to enjoy a lasting, peaceful, and financially sound retirement

Asset Management: Investment programs are tailored for each indivual client to account for tax implications, risk management, and to generate the strongest return possible.

Financial Consulting: We are available to clients who simply want help setting up a comprehensive financial plan.  In a do-it-yourself world, it’s helpful to have an experienced professional looking over your shoulder.

Find out how Sound Counsel can be your advocate in these turbulent financial times.

we vow to keep your personal information confidential

Our fees are designed to be as flexible as the services we provide.  Most clients choose one of the three options below, but we can work with you to find the perfect solution for your situation:

  • Asset Fee: Much like a traditional investment manager, we can offer investment services for a percentage of assets under management.  Typically our fee would be 1% annually, but that can be adjusted based on individual circumstances
  • Performance Fee: Many clients prefer to pay their advisor based on performance.  We can set up an agreement where we only make money when you make money.  These agreements are usually measured on an annual basis and Sound Counsel will collect a percentage of profits as our compensation.
  • Hourly Consulting Fee: You may simply need a professional review of your situation, or answers to a few tax or retirement related questions.  At Sound Counsel, we can offer you the necessary information for a simple hourly rate.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed and once the plan is in place you can implement it yourself.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to serving you!

Sound Counsel Investment Advisors
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